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The Ends

by The Ends

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Come along with me there's no time to lose tonight. Pick one not two, you'll just have to choose tonight. Open your eyes, it's not too late, soon you'll see it's not to hate at all. In a day or two, you will see what I will do this time. Well, here she comes with all her vicious tongues fear time. The clouds are moving as we speak, mother nature is not a freak, she's sublime.
Lurking 04:47
Do you wait in vain? As you feel the pain? You just never came oh, what a shame Nothing much to lose so pass me the noose You are just a fool simply another tool Turn around lurker, finish what you started Don't forget about me This was not a dream As you run away I'll simply catch back up All the eyes of the mob driving over you When you're dead don't forget This was not a dream The lurker is gone, but his presence is not.
Step on me I can see you staring Though I don't defend I just stopped caring Mother you're so green Has it occurred to you To see the unseen Like you always knew Here's my reality Watch your step you'll drown When I don't believe She will take me down.
3:30 08:35
I'm lost in thoughts let's go out tonight Oh, look up and tell me what you see? Oh, I don't know, it's too damn bright Get away little pig, what do you want from me at 3:30. Hold your hate this time Oh, you don't know why, but you can't let go Punching the wall won't hurt, give it a go Now calm, calm, calm, just let go. -- I'm lost in thoughts let's go out tonight Oh, look up and tell me what you see? Oh, I don't know, it's too damn bright saw the cop, so thin, watch the world burn. Take me, I'm free, do whatever you want Walk down the empty street, now turn to me Punching the wall won't hurt, give it a go. There's no more time. Look at what time it is. It's 3:30.
Flat Stanley 05:18
On the floorboards of my old house, all the doorways start spiraling out. And every pixel inside my face communicating to leave this place. - I put my address onto everything I own, and send the packages to my family. The life I'd like to lead, betrays everything I know. You'll travel everywhere Flat Stanley.
Yemen 04:02
The talk of the town never talks to me. I get shot down every time we meet. And we're two lovers lives, entwined at sea, unraveled, untruthfully. -- I'm laid to waste in the rabbit hole. I wanted to run but I lost control. So I can shut my eyes, and hold them close. The end of everything I know. - Haircuts and tulips. My view from the grave, 28th of May, the date and time is 5:12. Drugs three times a day, wash it all away. I don't mind if I don't see the end. I just need a friend and reassurance. I don't need advice. Please stop being nice. It was not about escape. Running from the cops, hiding from my fate. I told myself. I'm stuck in this place, trapped inside this face. Looking on overhead you'll see everything I have, etchings on the slab with my name and my time, but until that final day, wash it all away, in Yemen.
Trash 03:23
There were whispers on the phone, never talk about it. Drugs are like a crutch, that girl, she cannot walk without it. There's a killer on the loose in the park around here. I saw pictures on my phone of a woman drowning. Yellow tape, black marks...I really crossed the line, I could see it on the news and ignore it every time, 'cuz killing is my country's favorite pastime. We can take a spin. Baby take it in. --- Is it soft, is it sweet, like a happy ending? Is it hard, is it raw, those were my intentions. In the end, did it feel like it's coming out you? Like your disconnected from the world around you? Check the pulse in your veins when your life is on the line, I will bore into your brain, I will bury in your mind, like all those dreamtime images you half remember. In a secret place. Leave without a trace. --- --- Your skin falls away when we reach baseline. Now I'll say goodbye to you for a lifetime. When I walk away now, I can't take it. You can hide away in my room.
Nowhere 12:50
This time there's a motion to be heard. It's agreed they'll never say a word. And I'm fine as long as I can stay right here with a knife built to cut away the years. The last thing left inside me starts to fade away. My thought seems meaningless, there's nothing left to say... except it's taken over. ----- Outside the window, inside the garden, there lies the figure of my head. They'll never know if I still linger. They'll try to ignore me, but I ain't going out like that. I wait on you, I don't, waiting, no, wait, for someone else...


The Ends' debut album.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by JP at The Kitchen Studio in Garland, TX.


released April 19, 2019

Jackson Douglas - bass guitar, vocals (5-8), keyboards (6)
Carlos Echeverria - drums
Santiago Lara - electric guitar, vocals (1-4), keyboards (3), samples


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The Ends Denton, Texas

Noise/indie rock trio from DFW. Debut album out now.

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